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The Billboard

A hand‐painted sign along a highway starts a slow path to Friends.

Andrew Glazier is a nursery manager growing native California plants for restoration projects and has written for various gardening publications. He attended Visalia (Calif.) Meeting for five years before becoming a member.

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Quakers: That of God in Everyone Cover

Quakers: That of God in Everyone

Directed by Isaac Stambaugh, written by Donne Hayden. Rebel Pilgrim Productions, 2015. 90 minutes. $19.99/DVD. Having never reviewed a video [

Larry Ingle is an historian of Quakerism and a member of Chattanooga (Tenn.) Meeting. He is retired from the History Department of the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga. His book Nixon’s First Cover-up: The Religious Life of a Quaker President was published in 2015.

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Kale Alonzo Williams Jr.

Williams—Kale Alonzo Williams Jr., 90, on January 7, 2016, at home in Boulder, Colo. Kale was born on August 7, [

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The People Make the Peace: Lessons from the Vietnam Antiwar Movement

Edited by Karín Aguilar‐San Juan and Frank Joyce. Just World Books, 2015. 268 pages. $23.99/paperback; $9.99/eBook. On June 5, 1969, [

Richard Taylor is a member of Germantown Meeting in Philadelphia, Pa., and is active in the meeting’s task force on ending mass incarceration. Dick is also developing a website designed to encourage Christian preachers to avoid anti-Judaism in their sermons and in the church’s readings from the New Testament.

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Margaret Miner “Peg” Morton

Morton—Margaret Miner “Peg” Morton, 85, peacefully, on December 19, 2015, in Eugene, Ore., following an intentional end‐of‐life fast. Peg was [

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The Prophetic and the Pragmatic in Politics

We are in good company as we fumble and grope to find our way in politics.

Isaac May is a graduate of Earlham College and Harvard Divinity School. He is currently pursuing a PhD in religious studies at the University of Virginia. Isaac has published several articles on Quaker history. He holds membership in Charlottesville (Va.) Meeting.

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Finding My Radical Soul

Finding My Radical Soul: A Memoir

By Frances Crowe. Haley’s, 2015. 281 pages. $34.95/hardcover; $24.95/paperback; $11/eBook. Frances Crowe’s life is a shining light for all Friends. [

Ruah Swennerfelt lives in Charlotte, Vt., and is a member of Burlington (Vt.) Meeting. She currently serves as clerk of New England Yearly Meeting’s Earthcare Ministry Committee. She is active with Transition Town Charlotte and Vermont Interfaith Power and Light.

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Podcast reading of “Psychological Seduction”

From “Psychological Seduction”: As a young child no more than seven years old, I went gift shopping with my mother [

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Memories of the Quaker Past: Stories of Thirty‐seven Senior Quakers

Edited by Christine Ayoub. Xlibris, 2014. 361 pages. $26.99/hardcover; $19.99/paperback; $3.99/eBook. This volume of excerpted and transcribed interviews is another [

Karie Firoozmand is the books editor of Friends Journal.

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Supporting Post‐traumatic Stress Disorder Victims

Understanding the cluster of symptoms of PTSD and the role of religious community.

Jack Ciancio is a member of Ararat (N.C.) Meeting. He is a veteran, retired psychiatric nurse, educator, and author of Where Christ Presides: A Quaker Perspective on Moral Discernment (Redemption Press). He is currently working on a book on the Gospel of Mark.

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