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Peacefulness in a Chaotic World

Peacefulness has been a common theme throughout my life and my journeys. My mother and father have been through so much growing up under Israeli occupation in the West Bank. Many of my dad’s friends have been imprisoned during the occupation, and many have died from the military violence and shootings that occur. Still my […]

Zein Mosarsaa, Grade 10, Westtown School

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What Once Was Can Be Again

Working on a shared vision of equality and a just peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

Sandy Rea is a member of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting. He has lived for three separate years in the Middle East and visited a number of other times. He serves as clerk of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Middle East Collaborative.

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Condition Critical: Life and Death in Israel/Palestine

By Alice Rothchild. Just World Books, 2017. 283 pages. $19.99/paperback; $9.99/eBook. In Steve Feldman’s book Compartments, the well-known dermatologist chronicles how well-trained medical doctors in his profession can’t “think outside the box” they were trained in, often maintaining incorrect ideas and practices even when presented with clear evidence to the contrary. He then uses that […]

Max Carter is the recently retired William R. Rogers director of Friends Center and Quaker studies at Guilford College. In retirement, he and his wife, Jane, continue to lead annual service-learning trips to Palestine and Israel under the sponsorship of Friends United Meeting.

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Sumoud: Voices and Images of the Ramallah Friends School

By Betsy Brinson and Gordon Davies. Friends United Press, 2014. 142 pages. $35/hardcover. Sumoud, artfully prepared by historian Betsy Brinson and her spouse, Gordon Davies, draws upon archival photographs, oral histories, and secondary accounts to tell the history of the Ramallah Friends Schools in Palestine’s West Bank through the eyes of its community of students […]

Maia Carter Hallward is a member of Atlanta (Ga.) Meeting and an associate professor of Middle East politics and international conflict management at Kennesaw State University. She taught at the Ramallah Friends Schools from 1998 to 2000, and has led several delegations to the region to meet with Israeli and Palestinian peacemakers. Maia’s books include Struggling for a Just Peace: Israeli and Palestinian Activism in the Second Intifada and Transnational Activism in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

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Toward a Just Peace in the Middle East: Report on an Interfaith Delegation

The delicate and complex issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the American Friends Service Committee role in the Middle East were brought home to me when at a recent family wedding my brother-in-law told me he thought the Service Committee had been too pro-Palestinian. A member of AFSC’s International Executive Committee echoed this perception just […]

Mary Ellen McNish, a member of Byberry (Pa.) Meeting, is executive secretary of American Friends Service Committee.

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Dear Friends (an Open Letter)

The Oslo Accords have presented the world with misleading images of peace [between Israel and the Palestinians], and now we are left with a difficult and hard reality on the ground. The international media speaks of the accords as historic because they brought peace and reconciliation. I often quote Ezekiel 13:10, “Because they mislead my […]

Jean Zaru, presiding clerk of Ramallah Meeting in the West Bank, wrote this letter in December 2000 to describe conditions in the West Bank from her point of view as a Palestinian.

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