Friends Journal Issue Themes

Starting in 2012, Friends Journal began announcing themes for most of our upcoming issues. Every 18 months or so, we poll readers for topics that they’d like to see in our pages. Please check our Submissions page for the most up-to-date list of upcoming themes or email us at [email protected] to send suggestions for future issues.

Past and upcoming Friends Journal themes

2012 Issues

2013 Issues

2014 Issues

2015 Issues

2016 Issues

2017 Issues 

2018 Issues

2019 Issues

  • Jan: A Racially Diverse Society of Friends?
  • Feb: Open
  • Mar: Outside the Meetinghouse
  • Apr: Humor in Religion
  • May: Friendly Competition?
  • Jun/Jul: Food Choices
  • Aug: QuakerSpeak at Five
  • Sep: Open
  • Oct: Friends in Africa
  • Nov: Gambling
  • Dec: Quaker Kids

2020 Issues

  • Jan: Drugs
  • Feb: Open
  • Mar: Unnamed Quaker Creeds
  • Apr: The State of Quaker Institutions
  • May: Thin Spaces
  • Jun/Jul: Membership and Friends
  • Aug: Pastoral Friends
  • Sep: Open
  • Oct: Quaker Process
  • Nov: Quakers in Translation
  • Dec: Emerging Witnesses

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