The Fountain

As we look around us, there are so many forms of spiritual decay, hopelessness, and violence. People are frustrated, irritated, and they attack each other. If we are to overcome this state of gloom we must allow our divine essence to shine forth.

Imagine a water fountain: When you press the button down, water comes out—water that sustains life. Now imagine yourself as a fountain. When someone presses your button, what comes out? Is it understanding, hope, compassion, affection, forgiveness, and tolerance—or is it anger, criticism, violence, hate, insensitivity, and despair? The difference between you and a fountain is that you can decide what comes out of your nozzle: life or death.

If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. A new day offers the chance to try things differently. If you have ever fallen short in your life, think of how good it felt when words of encouragement came along—to know that someone still believed in you despite your error. Isn’t it time for us to change our approach and to care more, to be less selfish, to extend a hand rather than walk on by? We are all in this together; no one can be left out or tossed aside without producing negative results. We will love and laugh tomorrow only if we use each new day in a new way.

Darryl Ajani Butler

Darryl Ajani Butler, co-clerk of the Sing Sing Worship Group in Ossining, N.Y., is a writer for the Rainbow Gazette of Osborne Association under the nom de plume "Soul Man." He uses fables and short stories to inspire children and families of incarcerated people.