Grounded in the Calling

When I lead the morning program of Junior Gathering, I am anchored by our staff’s early morning meeting for worship. One reason I find that time together so powerful is that there is such a sense of common work. We are gathered to be grounded, to ready ourselves for service in the hours ahead. We are centering, opening, filling up—not for individual refreshment, but because there is work for us to do. This year at the Gathering, the prayer in my heart each day was that I might be a blessing to the children.

When I mentioned this experience to a friend, she said, "Isn’t that what any monthly meeting’s worship should be like? We all know each other’s calling, we gather together to wait and listen, preparing ourselves to be sent out to follow that call." This is a very different perspective on meeting for worship than what I think is, unfortunately, too common: scattered individuals being drawn toward a bit of peace and centered time after their separate busy weeks. I’m grateful to the Junior Gathering for the opportunity to experience meeting for worship in this focused and powerful way.