There is something quiet coming out of the Silence—quieter than a whisper, a heartbeat, a breath, a rhythm, a sensing of bright colors, or a transparency of nature. When your mind is quiet, the Light will manifest its intelligence. When your mind is very quiet, you sense a natural joy; an openness and a clarity. The world has a profound stillness about it. You may feel a keen oneness and communion with the world; an absence of fear, and a peacefulness.

Through the Silence we have the power to hold ourselves in the Light, and in that Light we become aware of our higher purpose. One is able to enter into the silence, which enables us to tap the Universal Energy.

To enter the silence signifies the silencing of all unreality: of doubt, fear, false beliefs, worry, complaining, grief, of everything that is of our outer personality, all that hinders the Creative Force.

Physical vibrations are aroused in the vibratory centers of the body. The physical and the Light are united, creating a group mind—part of the Universal Energy. The motivating force is love.

When two or three are gathered in silence and touched by the Light Within, they are aware of universal truth. Opinions are no longer an issue. Each has a feeling for the truth in each situation. The truth comes in a sense of unity. We begin to listen and hear the other person in a totally different way. We are really listening and love avails itself.

Harold Heritage

Harold Heritage, born a Quaker and now in his 80s, attends meeting for worship regularly at Haddonfield (N.J.) Meeting. This short essay originally appeared in the Haddonfield Meeting newsletter.