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Welcome to my blog on Quaker Process, a companion to the book Quaker Process for Friends on the Benches, which was published in 2012. Here I’ll explore where Friends are going and how process and organization fit into that. This is intended for all varieties of Quakers and anyone interested in how Friends make decisions, so stick around. I will use the images and terms that come naturally to me and trust that, as necessary, you will translate them into terms you are comfortable with. Please comment and join the discussion using images and terms that come naturally to you. Questions are also welcome.

Process: the Good, the Poor, & Schisms

It is my experience that good Quaker process helps us unite in finding God’s path forward and in building community, […]

Mathilda Navias serves as recording clerk and web master for Broadmead Meeting in northwest Ohio. She serves Lake Erie Yearly Meeting as Database Manager as well as being a member of the Nominating Committee, Spiritual Formation Planning Committee, and an ad hoc committee to revise the yearly meeting's manual of Policies & Procedures. She is clerk of the Accessible Literature Working Group, a member of the Growing Subcommittee (formerly Advancement & Outreach), and a member of Central Committee for Friends General Conference. She is also employed part-time as Yearly Meeting Worker for Lake Erie Yearly Meeting, helping with the web site, communications, and special projects. Mathilda has served as co-clerk of a monthly meeting and on numerous monthly and yearly meeting committees.

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