By Jo Weaver. Peachtree Publishers, 2023. 32 pages. $18.99/hardcover. Recommended for ages 3–7.

This picture book recounts the journey of a group of lesser flamingos from a drying lakeshore to an area more congenial to life. Adult flamingos fly, but the younger ones must walk. Bibi (“grandmother” in Swahili) volunteers to accompany them on foot and to act as leader. Experience has made her familiar with the route.

Toto (“child”) has difficulty keeping up. Shading the group with her wings, Bibi insists they wait to allow Toto to regain his strength.

While the flock prospers in their new environment, Bibi notices limitations as she ages. She retreats from the flock, but the others keep watch as she rests, eats, rallies, and finally flies.

An endnote describes the life and habits of the lesser flamingos of East Africa. The large double-page spreads, featuring the author’s expressive charcoal illustrations, make this a good choice for use in a group of ages three through seven. Quaker parents and educators will find this a fine book for introducing concepts of care, equity, protection of earth’s resources, and the practice of expectant waiting.

Ann Birch is a member of Santa Fe (N.M.) Meeting. A recently retired librarian, she has worked in elementary schools and continues to volunteer at her neighborhood school.

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