Reflections of a Quaker: A Blank Slate Theology (Books in Brief)

9k=-1By Warren L. Treuer. 338 pages. Self-published, 2014. $24.99/paperback.

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Sometimes those with long experience give the gift of sharing insights from their decades of worship in the manner of Friends. In this case, the “blank slate” is the teachable, open way that Warren Treuer enters worship. To be a blank slate implies the readiness to accept.  When rain falls on open ground, it nourishes all seeds. When it falls into a container, decisions have already been made about what the water will feed, what will grow, and what will not be nurtured. Like the rain showering open fields, Spirit ranges freely, and produces life in variety. Such is this book, which ranges over chapters including “What About Jesus?” “All Is Well,” “The Mystery of Love,” and “The Mysticism of Rufus Jones.” All proceeds from book sales are donated to the American Friends Service Committee; it is available through Amazon.

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Correction: May 27, 2015
This article originally stated that the book was also available for purchase through Alexandria (Va.) Meeting. 

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