Salamander Sky

By Katy Farber, illustrated by Meg Sodano. Green Writers Press, 2018. 32 pages. $17.95/hardcover. Recommended for ages 4–12.

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This unusual story, told in the first person by a middle school girl named April, details a rainy day that she hopes will be the perfect night to go out on a salamander crossing rescue mission. April’s mother, a scientist, has taught her all about the important part the vulnerable salamander plays in the ecosystem. Every April, after a period of intensely wet weather, the salamanders migrate back to their ponds, and many must cross busy roads to do so. April and her mother scan the wet road with flashlights, and pick up the little animals, giving them a lift to safety before a car rushes by. The lovely wet illustrations by Meg Sodano share both the mystery and the scientific details of salamanders.

This would be a great read for children before sharing any kind of nature walk, as it opens up the wonders of a specific animal which could then spark curiosity for all the intricacies of an ecosystem.

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