Brent Bill interview

Quaker author Brent Bill’s short story, “A Trip to Amity,” appears in the November 2023 fiction issue of Friends Journal.

Brent Bill discusses his new collection of short stories titled “Amity: Stories from the Heartland.” The stories take place in rural Iowa and explore themes of redemption. The first story discussed is “A Trip to Amity”, which appears in Friends Journal and follows a minister running late to fill in at a church. It captures tense internal dialogue in a humorous yet relatable way. The new collection contains 11 stories featuring various characters and settings. Bill draws from both personal anecdotes and imagination when crafting his stories. He aims to tell redemptive tales that bring the reader enjoyment. While short story publishing has become more difficult, opportunities can still be found in smaller journals and online platforms.

Amity: Stories from the Heartland,” is available from Quakerbooks of FGC or directly from the author.

J. Brent Bill is a writer, photographer, retreat leader, writing coach, and Quaker minister. He’s written and cowritten many books, including Hope and Witness in Dangerous Times; Holy Silence; Life Lessons from a Bad Quaker; and the recently released Amity: Stories from the Heartland. He graduated from Wilmington College and Earlham School of Religion. He’s a member of West Newton (Ind.) Meeting.

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