John Calvi Interview

Quaker author John Calvi was interviewed about his March 2024 article, Carrying Light to Need.

John Calvi is a Quaker healer who has long worked with trauma victims and those suffering from AIDS. However, he recently experienced a heart attack that diminished his healing abilities. For a time he no longer received spiritual guidance about people’s pain or how to help them. It has been difficult for Calvi to adjust to this change in his gifts as a healer. He is now focused on writing a memoir about his experiences while regaining some of his capacity for energy work and hands-on healing over the past year.

John Calvi is a Quaker healer with a gift for releasing physical and emotional pain. As a certified massage therapist specializing in trauma, he began working in the AIDS epidemic giving massage in the early 1980s. John is the author of two books: The Dance between Hope and Fear (2013) and How Far Have You Traveled? (2019). He is a member of Putney (Vt.) Meeting, where he lives. Website:

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