Let Your Life Speak

Ihave clued this crossword puzzle to be fully accessible to high schoolers. There are also many clues that elementary school students can figure out, so younger people should be able to feel fully involved in a joint solution effort.


1 Baby’s first word, perhaps

5 One guarding the net

11 Tree fluid

14 Provide with the necessary tools

16 Beginnings (as of illnesses)

17 ___-de-sac (place for a house at the end of a street)

18 Quaker from Nantucket who said, “Any great change must expect opposition, because it shakes the very foundation of privilege.” (2 words)

20 One day ___ time (2 words)

21 French Polynesian island that was the setting for many Gauguin paintings

22 Eat an evening meal

23 Piece of clothing to protect clothing

25 What Quakers allow the Spirit to do

27 Put your nose into the crook of one arm and raise your other arm

29 Philadelphia-based organization that, along with its British counterpart, accepted the 1947 Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the Quakers (Abbr.)

30 Like grass on many a morning

33 Short Line and the Reading, for example (Abbr.)

35 LA football team

37 Something to say after sticking out your tongue

38 Quaker from West Chester, Pa., who said, “We need, in every community, a group of angelic troublemakers.” (2 words)

43 Twelve ___ of Israel (descendants of the sons—but not the daughter—of Jacob and Leah, Rachel, Zilpah, and Bilhah)

45 Word that goes in both blanks of “let your ___ be ___” (Matthew 5:37, NKJV)

46 Reduce, ___, recycle

47 Take down the sail, remove the rudder, etc.

48 Result that is neither a win nor a loss

49 Home fit for a queen

50 Quaker of Swarthmoor Hall who said, “God hath put no such difference between the Male and Female as man would make.” (2 words)

53 Very small amount

54 What Colin Kapernick took, in protest

55 Watery word before lion or horse

56 Makes less bright

57 Hawaiian island once known as Ihikapalaumaewa 

60 Numbers on a basketball scoreboard (Abbr.)

62 Lovegood of Ravenclaw

64 Colorful candy-covered chocolate bit (3 “words”)

66 ___ the books (study)

68 Amount of medicine to take and how often to take it

72 Scanner that creates pictures of a patient’s organs and tissues

73 Quaker of Earlham Hall who wrote to a king, “When thee builds a prison, thee had better build with the thought ever in thy mind that thee and thy children may occupy the cells.” (2 words)

76 Scooby-___

77 ___ Falls, N.Y. (site of an 1848 convention that 18-Across helped to organize)

78 Like a haunted house

79 Where the Samaritan took the injured stranger, and paid for his stay 

80 Encourages to do something foolish (2 words)

81 Goes bad



1 “Seeing those adorable puppies makes my heart ___.”

2 Light greenish-blue

3 ___ Ado About Nothing

4 Lightly and gracefully

5 “There, but for the grace of God, ___.” (2 words)

6 Iroquois word for quill, which was the name the Lenape used for William Penn and is a Quaker camp in Ottsville, Pa.

7 Clear ___ (not at all clear, 2 words)

8 Spotted ones

9 Cousin of the Addams Family

10 “¿Cómo ___ usted?”

11 Winter neckwear

12 Cars

13 Third option in case the first two don’t work out (2 words)

15 Folk singer Seeger who wrote “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”

19 Princess toppers

24 Goes by

26 Hang out on the clothesline

28 Chin-up apparatus

30 Bit of information which might be recorded in a table 

31 ___ living (make money, 2 words)

32 Sound made by “The Marvelous Toy” when it stood still (2 words)

34 Put something into words

36 Big work of art painted on a wall

38 Started

39 Coral formations

40 ___ frutti

41 Religion with Five Pillars

42 Must-haves

44 Kindergartner, to a toddler (2 words)

48 Cause of drooling and swollen gums for a baby

49 Impressionist Monet

51 Abraham Lincoln’s political party (Abbr.)

52 Snakelike fish

56 One of Santa’s reindeer

57 3501, in ancient Rome

58 Moses’s brother, who was, importantly, a good speaker

59 A pair or group that have joined together as one

61 Small, medium, and large

63 Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, or ti

65 Italian for month and an anagram of “seem”

67 Mexican snack with a hard or soft shell

69 Popular hairstyle in the 1960s

70 Stuff to wash out of leafy greens from the garden

71 Keep your ___ peeled

74 Something to stand on

75 Prohibit

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