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Forum, February 2013

The value of silence I very much enjoyed the latest issue on hospitality (FJ, December 2012), and especially Terry Miller’s […]

Reader's Forum

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Forum January 2013

Letters in response to John Coleman’s October 2012 feature, “When Quaker Process Fails,” and other articles in the special issue […]

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December 2012 Forum

Letters on couples and money, Quaker process, and the expense of simple living.

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Viewpoint: Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Responds

A response to John Coleman’s “When Quaker Process Fails”

Arthur M. Larrabee is the General Secretary of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

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Online Forum: Pacifism and Peace

One of the most important testimonies of the Quaker faith is peace. In times of war, Quakers have a long […]

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September 2012 Forum

Letters from Martin Melville, Muriel Strand, Ellen Michaud, Dirk Davenport, and David Borg.

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August 2012 Forum

VIEWPOINT: Feeding the World takes more than Backyard Gardens The main theme of the articles in May’s food issue is […]

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June/July Forum 2012

Membership not old‐fashioned The April issue of Friends Journal raised a number of interesting issues about membership. One of them is […]

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April Forum 2012

Fetishization of biblical passages I was glad to see David Zarembka’s letter about African Friends in your February issue. I […]

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May Forum 2012

Lucretia, I wish I had known you! For twenty years I’ve helped tend the grave of Quaker abolitionist and women’s […]

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