Dinner in Westport

Carrowbeg River, Westport. Photo by susanne2688.

For dinner this evening
I’ll take the Serrano ham and sheep cheese
a jug of water and pieces of fruit
alone to a shaded south mall bench
where the Carrowbeg runs through town
gulls and crows will gather to join me
chatting from the trees asking
Can I try this? Will you finish that?
everyone tells me I don’t like to share
but I don’t mind now my new friends
give me fine company in a foreign land
a quiet meal no pretense or petty laughs
and when we finish I think I will enjoy
just the way the late reflected light
ripples when the birds return to the water

Peter Moretzsohn

Peter Moretzsohn is a 30-year-old farmer, musician, and poet, born and raised in southeastern Pennsylvania. Both singing and writing have been his expression of what is inexpressible from a very young age. He is a member of Solebury Meeting in New Hope, Pa.

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