Forum May 2014

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One Response to Forum May 2014

  1. Chester Kirchman May 13, 2014 at 1:27 pm #

    City & State
    Orangeville, PA
    There are many things to be considered in the operation of educational systems. Both public and private or a combination of the two, like Cornell, schools should be aware of the learning process of their pupils. The cost affiliated in each education available, is a major consideration for students and the families involved. Ways of increasing or decreasing the costs need to be compared in determining tuition, assistance, and scholarship available as well as appearance of the particular pedagogy, plus knowledge gained by students. In this century, our young people need to learn to think in a way the future they face is going to accept. At least with Quaker Schools available, standardization through examination is not a major force. An effort to make these schools more available may be a solid base to be considered at Meetings of Religious Society of Friends.

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