Free subscriptions for those who are incarcerated

We at Friends Journal work hard to provide our readers with bold and inspiring content. We also work hard to ensure our content is accessible by a wide and diverse audience, including those who are marginalized in our society. To accomplish this, we actively seek to have an authorship that is inclusive, and we offer subsidized subscriptions for those who aren’t otherwise able to join our community of readers. Incarcerated people enjoy and often request subscriptions to periodicals for the connection they provide to the outside world.

We currently have 66 subscribers who are incarcerated, in 21 U.S. states and two other countries. These readers receive Friends Journal through one of two ways. One way is through gift subscriptions given by individuals and meetings. If you or your meeting are interested in giving a gift subscription to an incarcerated person, please contact us at (215) 563-8629 or (800) 471-6863.

We also try to provide subscriptions to incarcerated individuals who contact Friends Journal directly. For the past 16 years, we’ve provided free subscriptions by request to incarcerated individuals with the help of the Lindley Murray Fund. Every year since 1999 we’ve received funds for this purpose, as well as for subsidizing subscriptions for others in need. The Lindley Murray Fund, established in 1836, is administered by New York Yearly Meeting. It aims to provide relief and education to marginalized groups in the United States, specifically African Americans and Native Americans. The trustees of the fund provide grants to more than a dozen organizations.

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  1. I have a friend who is incarcerated. I would like to find out about getting him a subscription. I know he has no funds, and I cannot afford to pay for him. Is it possoble for me to sign him up? Peace Ken

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