Friends Couple Enrichment

The January 2022 Friends Couple Enrichment (FCE) retreat at Ben Lomond Quaker Center in California was the first in-person retreat offered by FCE since March 2020. In March, FCE continued its online events with a retreat organized in partnership with Pendle Hill. At the annual Leader Couple meeting in January, FCE affirmed that both in-person and online events are valuable, and both will be continued. This will include an in-person workshop at Friends General Conference’s Gathering. FCE’s monthly online “Drop-in Dialogue” offers couples, who have experienced the power of witnessed dialogue, the chance to continue this spiritual practice on a regular basis. The group is fluid; some people return each month, and others less frequently. However, all participants appreciate the time dedicated to deepening their relationship. The online training for leaders, begun in 2021, has blossomed, and several couples will complete the training in 2022. While originally focused on preparing couples to lead in-person retreats, FCE added a section on offering online events. This self-paced training allows for more mentoring and discernment than the intensive four-day training of the past and has improved couples’ ability to ground their learning in Spirit. The next online information session for couples interested in becoming FCE Leader Couples is Sunday, August 14, 2022.

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