Friends Peace Teams

Friends Peace Teams (FPT) works among people in more than 20 countries who are choosing to be part of efforts toward a transformed, sustainable world. FPT focuses on building person-to-person relationships in order to create a foundation for grassroots, Spirit-led change for peace and social justice. The work of FPT, carried out through five initiatives, is to empower and heal, educate and liberate, and act in solidarity for justice.

In 2020 the African Great Lakes Initiative co-sponsored 17 trauma-healing workshops, which, among other outcomes, enabled youth to identify economic opportunities.

As a response to the COVID-19 and hunger pandemics, Peacebuilding en las Américas created the Peace Baskets Project, distributing emergency food, hygiene items, and messages of peace. Over 1,000 families benefited across Central and South America.

The Asia West Pacific Initiative conducted Creating Cultures of Peace workshops, sharing skills, tools, and practices for living in integrity with life’s transforming power.

In the United States, Zoom became an effective way to involve Native and non-Native people in the Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples workshops.

And the Friendly Book Collaborative evolved to include four projects: Peace Schools and Gardens, Friends Peace Libraries, Literacy for Peace and Justice, and Power of Goodness.

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