Friends World Committee for Consultation (Europe and Middle East Section)

In May, Friends World Committee for Consultation Europe and Middle East Section (FWCC-EMES) held its annual meeting online. Over 100 people joined together for meetings for worship and business, workshops, and social time. Speakers included Sami Cortas, clerk of Brummana Meeting in Lebanon, and David Gray, head of the Quaker Brummana High School. They gave moving testimony of life in Beirut and how students at the school have responded to different events. Saleem Zaru, clerk of Ramallah Meeting in Palestine, also addressed the annual meeting, sharing about the lived experiences of Palestinians.

The annual report was published, giving readers a snapshot of life in the Section across the various meetings, groups, and communities.

In July, FWCC-EMES held a gathering for its international members, bringing together Friends who are often isolated from other Quakers or are part of small worship groups.

In August, a new iteration of the longstanding Quaker in Europe course began, in partnership with Woodbrooke Study Centre. The course is designed to enable newcomers to experience the Quaker way in their own language and has been translated into ten languages over the past 15 years. The latest version had participation from 28 Quakers from 19 countries.

FWCC-EMES has continued monthly online sessions for representatives and role holders, 14–18-year-olds in the youth group, and the Peace and Service Consultation members.

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