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How to See

© 249 Anurak


I close my eyes in silence,
enter the inner elevator
and press “down.”
I look around as I descend
into the darkness inside.
What will I find this time?
Those many doors to open,
a multitude of voices to hear.
I tune in with wonder.
There is a voice that knows,
a light that shines the way ahead
one step at a time,
if I listen deep enough.
I trust the way will open.
I breathe deep and
feel the expansion begin,
opening inward and outward.
I wait expectantly
for that sense of what
is whole and true
that never fails to guide me.
I open my eyes.
I see.

Alice Carlton lives in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Posted in: February 2020, Poetry

One thought on “How to See

  1. Laura E. Riehle says:

    City & State
    This blessed me, and is beautiful. I am looking for simplicity in prayer…and interested in tuning down the noise of my mind. This image captures what I long for. Thanks for sharing.

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