People's Hall next to Fallowfield Meeting was built in 1845 as a center of Quaker abolition activity for the East Fallowfield Anti-Slavery Society.

How the Inner Light Creates an Abolitionist

Tombstones for Quaker abolitionists James Fulton Jr. and his wife, Mary Ann, in Fallowfield Meeting’s cemetery. While serving recently as a docent at my meetinghouse, Fallowfield Meeting in Ercildoun, Pa. (a role which includes detailing the documented history of abolitionists associated with the meeting), I heard an attentive, non‐Quaker visitor muse aloud, “I did not know there were black Quakers.”🔒

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tonya thames taylor is a convinced Quaker who attends Fallowfield Meeting in Ercildoun, Pa. (of East Fallowfield Township). She works for the abolition of human trafficking.

Posted in: Features, October 2014: Experience of Friends of Color

2 Responses to How the Inner Light Creates an Abolitionist

  1. Patricia W. Fingeroff October 2, 2014 at 4:52 pm #

    City & State
    phila pa. 19118
    I am STUNNED. Ashamed and stunned. THIS is NOT very welcoming, supportive Quaker treatment. What happened to “there is that of God in every person”?

    Cannot even finish.

  2. Stephanie October 3, 2014 at 1:50 pm #

    City & State
    Philadelphia, PA
    Thames Taylor thoughtfully states what need to be said. It is sad that we (whites) believe we have the right to question someone’s humanity and space, even in Quaker spaces. I have done this a few times myself, but after reading this article, I will speak with caution because I know my words are tainted by my privilege.

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