Reimagining the Quaker Ecosystem: June/July Full Issue Access

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Features: “Consensus Decision Making in Eusocial Organisms” by Barbara Dale, “What We Cannot Do Alone” by Noah Merrill, “Worshiping Online” by Rachel Guaraldi, “Finally Breaking Down the Hedge?” by Thomas Hamm, “Turning Somersaults in the Quaker Ecosystem” by Margaret Fraser.

Online exclusives include: “ePublishers of Truth” by Kathleen Wooten, “We Need a YAF” by Mackenzie Morgan, “Membership as Commitment and Belonging” by Marisa Johnson.

Poetry: “After Mowing Hay” by Melva Priddy, “A Grace of Thanksgiving” by Michael S. Glaser.

Departments: Among Friends, Forum, Viewpoint, Lives of Friends, News, Books, Milestones, Classified, Meetings, QuakerSpeak.

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