Little Gospel

Phot by Erin Song on Unsplash

At that time Jesus said,

Plant trees easy
for kids to climb,
cherry and apple,
low to the ground,

or cloud-high
and many-branched
like the pine.

Let willows swing
laughing children
over the river.

Let catalpas provide,
with their great, green hearts,
places to hide and heal.

Suffer the children
to come to the trees.

James Littwin

James Littwin’s work has appeared in Dappled Things, Friends Journal, Presence, St. Anthony Messenger, Story Quarterly, and many other publications, including preface poems for Robert Waldron’s books Francis of Assisi and Lady at the Window. He has received awards for fiction from the Illinois Art Council and Willow Review, and was the Willow Review featured Illinois writer in 2022. James considers Rufus Jones a master ecumenical writer and a very helpful spiritual mentor.

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