Paths of Faith in the Landscape of Science: Three Quakers Check Their Compass (Books in Brief)

By George M. Strunz, Michael R. Miller, and Keith Helmuth. Chapel Street Editions, 2014. 121 pages. $15/paperback.Z

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In this collection of essays by three Friends, we receive again the gift of story. In checking their compasses, or minding the interplay between head and heart, these Friends contribute to the dialectic on science and religion in our age. Even as Rufus Jones wrote 100 years ago on the need to integrate scientific understanding with a living faith, and not allow scientific advance to draw people of integrity away from a life in the Spirit, these writers share their experience on similar themes. It is only too common for people to use scientific knowledge to discredit religion. Those who have vibrant spiritual lives and also scientific training are in a unique position to share with others the vocabulary to integrate both for the benefit of all.

Karie Firoozmand is the Friends Journal books editor.

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