Pendle Hill

Over the past six months Pendle Hill has offered a variety of mostly virtual programs serving over 24,000 participants. These include a monthly reading group, the First Monday Lecture series, and daily meeting for worship (averaging 130 participants). Staff members have worked to safely reopen the campus for groups and sojourners.

This past spring and summer, the “Opening the Bible Today” program (supported by the Bible Association of Friends in America and the Friends Foundation for the Aging) offered several online lectures and workshops, including a four-week series with John Dominic Crossan on the history, theology and evolution of Jesus; a workshop on fierce women in the Bible (with Melissa Bennett); a book launch with author and translator Sarah Ruden; and the Illuminate speaker series in collaboration with Barclay Press. Other recent virtual programs focused on spirituality, contemplation, worship, arts, self-discovery, and blended worship communities (in partnership with Woodbrooke).

Pendle Hill also hosted a couple enrichment retreat on facing transitions in March; a weekend workshop on Mary Watkins’s Mutual Accompaniment and the Creation of the Commons in April; and the annual young adult conference, Continuing Revolution, in June.

Three new pamphlets were released: God’s Invitation to Creative Play (Jesse White); Reflections from a Solitary Meeting for Worship (John Andrew Gallery); and Friending Rosie on Death Row (Judith Favor, with Rosie Alfaro).

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