Pendle Hill

In September, Pendle Hill celebrated its ninetieth anniversary and welcomed Francisco Burgos as the new executive director. Burgos, a former De La Salle Christian Brother who has been a Friend since 2004, previously served as director of education.

Through the fall Pendle Hill hosted a number of online lectures and workshops, including a webinar series on working toward right relationship with Indigenous Peoples, an annual Black women’s writing workshop, and a decision-making and clerking workshop. In December, a weekend workshop with Christopher Sammond explored what supports deep, transformative worship.

Pendle Hill welcomed in the New Year with three online retreats: a musical experience about Beethoven with Karl Middleman, a mindful awareness course with Valerie Brown, and a self-portrait painting class with Jesse White. Over 200 joined a musical celebration on December 30 and candlelight meeting for worship on New Year’s Eve.

In January a workshop about chanting as a communal spiritual practice was offered. In February, K. Melchor Quick Hall presented a month-long course on justice and race reparations, and Erva Baden led a six-week soul restoration workshop.

Three new pamphlets were published: Race, Systemic Violence, and Retrospective Justice; Cultivating Sanctuary; and Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington. Each month, the Pendle Hill Reading Group gathered to worship share on pamphlets and other texts.

Online meeting for worship continues each morning at 8:30 a.m. EST.

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