QuakerSpeak, August 2020

Have you seen the one with White Quakers talking about White privilege? We spoke with five Friends about what it means to acknowledge their privilege, and how that awareness informs their efforts to live in a way that fully honors that of God in all of us.

“Those of us who have benefitted from White supremacist, heterosexist patriarchy need to call that out and name it and do something about dismantling that not in the future and not only through our electoral choices, but in the here and now. . . . For Quakers in the early twenty-first century to take on this challenge is unbelievably difficult, heartbreaking on a daily basis, and exactly what we need to be doing, so I’m grateful to be alive to do the work.”

Tom Hoopes, member of Valley Meeting in Wayne, Pa.

Transcript and Discussion Questions Available Here

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Filming by Jon Watts and Rebecca Hamilton-Levi. Editing by Rebecca Hamilton-Levi.

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