QuakerSpeak, December 2023

“I knew that it was the right thing to do,” Betsy Kenworthy says of her and her husband’s decision to sell their house, buy an RV trailer, and live on the road. “The Spirit was clear that this was time, the season to do this.”

Laying down all her material and emotional attachments was much harder than Betsey had anticipated, but life on the road has taught her how to be present in each day as it comes. “No matter what I plan or don’t plan, or what we intend or don’t,” she advises, “the Holy Spirit can see you through it. And lots of times, what happens is way better than what we planned.”

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1 thought on “QuakerSpeak, December 2023

  1. In response to Lucy Duncan’s article, it is utterly discouraging to see this level of victim blaming. No ONE deserves to be gang raped, have they’re pelvis broken by rape, have they’re baby slaughtered while being raped etc. We don’t even have language for the sadistic acts Hamas inflicted upon humans, no matter if after 75 years you chose to see them as colonists. As a jewish woman (who finds incredible solace in the Friends community) who is very much in support of Palestinian rights, your jumping to put an incredibly complicated situation into colonizer/colonized lens is missing half the point. Speak to the israelis, speak to jews, speak to Gazan opponents of Hamas before jumping to paradigms that make you more comfortable blaming one side ina many sided world.

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