QuakerSpeak, February 2021

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Have you seen the one of four Friends explaining why they choose plain dress today? It was our most popular video of 2020! Find out the other top videos of the year at fdsj.nl/top-5-2020.

“You can, on the practical side, be looking at things like minimalism [and] minimalist wardrobe. I’ve got something like five shirts and my black skirt, and I’m good to go! On the spiritual side, for plain dress, you can look at parts in the Bible that say not to dress ostentatiously, basically. Traditionally, Quakers have had that as sort of a rule; our own Books of Discipline would say to dress plainly.”

—Mackenzie Morgan, member of Adelphi (Md.) Meeting

Transcript and Discussion Questions Available Here

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Filming by Jon Watts.

Editing by Rebecca Hamilton-Levi.

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