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Features: “God as a Cow and the Duck Index” by Tina Tau, “Ah, Go Fly a Kite!” by Charles G. Jones, “Quaker Bestsellers” from the 2017 FGC Gathering, “Quaker Faith, Quaker Practice, and Quaker Boards” by Jacob D. Stone, “A Community Formed for Faithfulness” by Marcelle Martin, and “A Mysticism for Our Time” by L. Roger Owens.

Online exclusives include: “100 Years of Quiet Tenacity” by Laura Melvin, “How Far Can We Take ‘Thou Shalt Not Judge’?” by Rebecca Payne, and “Wild Birds, Fantasy, and the Possible” by James W. Hood.

Poetry: “Morning Thoughts” by Betty Jamerson Reed, “Trust” by Dudley Warman, and “Seeking Truth” by Heather Heath Reed.

Departments: Among Friends, Forum, Earthcare, News, Books, Milestones, Classified, Meetings, QuakerSpeak.

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