Student Voices Project

Goodbye to the Student Voices Project

Update 10/1/2022: After nine years of highlighting the writing of Quaker and Quaker-affiliated middle and high school students, the 2021-2022 Student Voices Project (which appeared in the May 2022 issue) is the last in its current form as an annual writing competition. Since 2014, we’ve asked young people to write about themes such as community, competition, and climate change, and we’ve published the work of 170 honorees, who were selected from nearly 1,400 participating students. You can find the remarkable honorees from past years in the list below. We are grateful for all of our young authors’ contributions to the Quaker conversation and to our communities. We’d also like to thank Friends Council on Education for their collaboration on the project. We continue to welcome submissions from contributors of all ages—find out more on our Submissions page.

—Editorial team at Friends Journal,


Check out the honorees from past years:

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