Student Voices Project

The Ninth Annual Student Voices Project

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2021-2022 Theme: Climate Activism and Sustainability

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The youth-led movement to demand action on climate change has exploded in recent years. More and more young people are witnessing the consequences of the climate crisis and choosing to get involved in sustainable solutions. Like other faith communities, Quakers recognize a moral duty to preserve the earth for future generations. Eighteen-year-old Quaker activist Anya Nanning Ramamurthy spoke to this perspective at a 2019 faith-based climate event in London:

Faith groups have much to offer the movement for climate justice. We can speak out with moral clarity, reach across differences, speak with both love and conviction. But the climate movement has much to offer our faith too. It’s an opportunity to come together, with purpose, helping others to see our vision for a just world.

To confront the injustice of climate breakdown, we need to be active. We need to voice our views loud and clear, engage politically, and hold our leaders to account. We must build the world as we want to see it. God is within every one of us, and therefore we must act like it.

Prompt: What has been your personal experience with climate activism and sustainability?

Advices and queries to consider (These are suggestions only. Students are not required to respond to all of these or any of these.):

  • Have you felt led to take on climate activism? If so, what is its form? (E.g., political organizing, education, direct action at a pipeline, joining a protest or a march, all of the above)
  • How does your faith inform your thoughts and work on climate activism? Conversely, what has climate activism taught you about your faith?
  • One of the Quaker testimonies is stewardship, which means taking care of what has been given to us, not just for ourselves, but for those around us and future generations. How does this thinking apply to care for the earth and sustainable practices? Give examples from your life or your community.

Submission guidelines

  • Must be a middle or high school student (grades 6–12) at a Friends school, or a Quaker student in another educational venue (public school, non‐Friends private school, homeschool, online school, etc.) with a Quaker affiliation (monthly or yearly meeting attender or member, including young Friends gatherings and Quaker camps).
  • One submission per student, connected to the theme of “Climate Activism and Sustainability”
  • Must have an original title, and it must be typed.
  • Word count: between 300 and 900 words.
  • Deadline: February 14, 2022.

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