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The deadline for the fourth annual Student Voices Project has passed. Select honorees will be published in the May 2017 issue and recognized by Friends Council on Education for their work. Subscribe today to receive the May issue!


2016-2017 SVP Theme: Dear Mr. President

The President of the United States of America is the elected head of state and head of government of the United States. The president’s two main jobs are leading the executive branch of the federal government and being commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces. On November 8, America elected Donald J. Trump to be the next president. President Trump took office on January 20, 2017, for a four-year term. One of the most powerful positions in the world, the U.S. presidency comes with a great responsibility to represent and advocate for all the diverse citizens of this nation.

Write a letter to President Donald J. Trump suggesting what you think he should focus on during his first year.

Below are some questions to consider as you write; these are meant to help spark ideas for your letter.

  • What is needed in your community that the president could help accomplish?
  • What lessons have you learned at school that would help the president do their job?
  • What issues should be given priority during the first year and why? Examples include the economy, education, immigration, refugees, health care, gun control, criminal justice and mass incarceration, foreign relations, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • If you were president, what are three things you would do?
  • Recommend a book that you think the president should read and explain why.
  • Pick a famous Quaker and share two things about them that might inspire the next president. Examples include George Fox, Margaret Fell, Lucretia Mott, John Woolman, Alice Paul, Susan B. Anthony, William Penn, Bayard Rustin.

Submission guidelines

  • Letters may be handwritten in legible writing or typed. Handwritten letters should be submitted as a digital scan (option to mail if you do not have access to a scanner: 1216 Arch Street, Suite 2A, Philadelphia, PA 19107).
  • Letters must be between 100 and 500 words in length.

Deadline: February 13, 2017

Check out the honorees from past years:

Middle school students gather at Friends' Central School in Wynnewood, Pa. (courtesy of the school)

Middle school students gather at Friends’ Central School in Wynnewood, Pa. (courtesy of the school)

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