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Forum, February 2018

Forum: Letters from our readers.

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A Quaker Approach to Research, and Climate, Food, and Violence

A Quaker Approach to Research: Collaborative Practice and Communal Discernment By Gray Cox, with Charles Blanchard, Geoff Garver, Keith Helmuth, […]

Philip Favero is a former agricultural economist at Michigan State and South Dakota State Universities and at the University of Maryland. In 2014 he cofounded the Climate Stewards of Greater Annapolis, which stems from Annapolis (Md.) Meeting and is dedicated to advocacy and education about climate change (see csgannapolis.org).

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Student Voices 2016 Option 2: Supporting Community

What are some ways to support and care for each member of your community? How do you help out when […]

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Among Friends, May 2012

 Transforming Need into Opportunity As I write these words, spring in Philadelphia has cast off winter’s grey robe and bathes […]

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My Spiritual Life, with Food

I am a weighty Friend in the literal sense of “weighing a lot” but definitely not in the metaphorical sense […]

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The Moralities of Food

Deep moral issues exist within the topic of food, whether we are talking about the devastation being laid on creation […]

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Applying Quaker Thought to Food

Many of the world’s faiths and religious organizations make faith‐based eating easy for their believers: Don’t eat pork. Don’t eat […]

Shaun Chavis, a member of Birmingham (Ala.) Meeting, specializes in food journalism. She is an associate editor for Health magazine.

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Building Community, One Meal at a Time

My family and I eat locally grown food three meals a day, every day. My neighbor and her family do […]

Virginia Lockett is a member of Virginia Beach (Va.) Meeting. She currently resides in Da Nang, Vietnam, where she is the founder and president of the charitable organization Steady Footsteps, Inc. (see http://www.steadyfootsteps.org).

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