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The world is constantly changing and progressing but without proper leadership, it will be very easy for our country to stumble

Student Voices: 鈥淎fter having countless conversations and doing extensive research, I am still confused about your priorities and whether you [鈥

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When I first found out that you won the election, to be honest, I felt fear

Student Voices: 鈥淔ear that racial relations would get worst, fear that women would be looked at as lesser (more than [鈥

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We need to put America first, and only then will it become great again

Student Voices: 鈥淗undreds of thousands of blue collar workers in the Midwest have lost their jobs, and I know that [鈥

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They all are innocent people just trying to have another chance at a better life

Student Voices: 鈥淢uslim American citizens like myself have all been facing even more pressure and are being criticized everywhere we [鈥

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2016 SVP banner

Student Voices Project 2017 Participants

A full list of students who submitted this year.

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