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The Silent Spaces That Speak Volumes

An introduction to the November issue.

Gabriel Ehri is executive director of Friends Journal:聽[email protected]

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Helen Lewis Stanfield

Stanfield鈥擧elen Lewis Stanfield, 91, on September 10, 2016, at Friends Homes in Greensboro, N.C. Helen was born on September 28, [鈥

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Ken Wallace

Wallace鈥擪en Wallace, 87, on March 15, 2015, in Fairhope, Ala. Ken was born on December 14, 1927, in the rural [鈥

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Stokes Clement Swisher

Swisher鈥擲tokes Clement Swisher, 85, on January 31, 2016, at home with family, in Falls Church, Va. Clem was born on [鈥

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John Howard Huffman

Huffman鈥擩ohn Howard Huffman, 74, on October 29, 2015, in Springfield, Mo., peacefully set free from a long struggle with Alzheimer鈥檚. [鈥

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Quaker Works May 2015

A semiannual feature dedicated to connecting Friends Journal readers to the good works of Quaker organizations.

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Bringing Quaker Values to the Classroom

I realize I鈥檓 not unbiased in my thinking about the subject of this special issue. I suspect that none of [鈥

Posted in: Features, January 2001
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