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Who’s the Proper Quaker Now?

Our introduction to the June/July 2020 issue.

Martin Kelley is Senior Editor. [email protected].

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Forum, June/July 2020

Letters from our readers.

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QuakerSpeak, June/July 2020

As someone who travels in the ministry, Emily Provance is already used to connecting with her home meeting remotely. In […]

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Emma Membreno-Sorto sharing a statement at the March 14 press conference held at Albuquerque Meeting. Image from YouTube.

Provide Sanctuary

It is time for people of conscience to embrace the brothers and sisters among us.

Michael Resman lives in Rochester, Minn.

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June/July 2018 Full Issue Access

Members can download the full PDF or read any article online.

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News, June/July 2018

Kellum to begin as FUM General Secretary; Marshall retires as Earlham School of Religion Dean

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Forum, June/July 2018

Letters from readers.

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Writing Opp: Creativity and the Arts (closed)

Early Friends were famously skeptical of art; modern Friends pretty much fully embrace it. Why the abrupt turnaround? What reasons […]

Martin Kelley is senior editor of Friends Journal[email protected]

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New Year’s top five: The most popular articles of 2017

We’ve been sharing our most‐read articles of 2017 on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the full list. #5 Mystical Experience, the […]

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Life, Death, and Resilience

Among Friends: Our introduction to the June/July issue.

Gabriel Ehri is executive director of Friends Journal.

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