Writing Opp: Quaker Arts

We know there are plenty of Quakers who only need a little nudge to share their perspectives with a wider audience. If you know anyone who should write about Quaker creativity and the arts, please share this with them!

Fast Facts:

  • Features run 1200-2500 words
  • Submissions close June 20, 2022.
  • Questions? Email editors@friendsjournal.org

Show us your creativity. Share your art with a wider audience of Friends in this special issue. What we most want for this issue are examples of your art. Let’s have a colorful, visually rich magazine! We have thousands of online readers, so feel free to share your video and digital art, and we’ll reproduce it in the digital edition of the issue.

Possible topics for the more cerebral artists:

  • The history and role of art in the Religious Society of Friends. Early Friends were famously skeptical of art; modern Friends pretty much fully embrace it. Why the abrupt turnaround?
  • Is all art the same or is there such a thing as “Quaker art”? Is there a kind of Quaker visual or musical aesthetic? Are some types of art more conducive to bringing us to a worshipful mode? To inspire us to change the world? To understand the life experiences of others? Does it even matter if art accomplishes any of this?
  • How did you become an artist and find your medium(s)?
  • The business side of being a Quaker artist: is there a way to promote ourselves and our art without being a self-promoter? Is a humble Quaker artist bound to stay an unknown Quaker artist?

Show us your art, submissions due June 20, 2022

Submit: Quaker Arts

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  • Fiction (due Aug 22)
  • Quaker Understanding of Atonement (due Sep 19)
  • Reparations (due Oct 17)

Learn more general information at Friendsjournal.org/submissions.

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