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Interview with Friends Journal’s Book Review Editor 

An interview with our Books editor Karie Firoozmand.

Karie Firoozmand is the book review editor and a member of Baltimore Monthly Meeting, Stony Run. She has two sons and lives with her husband near Baltimore. Karie’s interests include dance, exercise, history, literature, and travel. She speaks Farsi and has traveled to Iran. Karie joined Friends Journal as the book review editor in June 2011. To contact Karie about becoming a reviewer, email [email protected]​friendsjournal.​org.

This interview is an extended version of the one that appeared in the print magazine.

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New Worldwide Quaker Map Released

Friends World Committee for Consultation released a new map of worldwide Quaker population figures, its first such release since 2012.

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Stepping Stones: A Refugee Family’s Journey

By Margriet Ruurs, translated by Falah Raheem, illustrated by Nizar Ali Badr. Orca Book Publishers, 2016. 28 pages. $20/hardcover; $9.99/eBook. Recommended for ages 6–10. Stepping Stones: A Refugee Family’s Journey tells the heartrending story of Rama, a little girl whose life changes dramatically. At first, her childhood is delightful. She eats a delicious breakfast prepared […]

Diya Abdo is a native Arabic speaker and associate professor and department chair of English at Guilford College in Greensboro, N.C. She is the founder and director of Every Campus a Refuge.

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Continuing Work

Our introduction to the March 2017 issue on Race and Anti-Racism.

Martin Kelley is the senior editor of Friends Journal.

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An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States

By Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. Beacon Press, 2014. 296 pages. $16/paperback; $15.99/eBook. This book is part of Beacon Press’s ReVisioning American History series, which is intended to offer “fresh perspectives on familiar narratives” that are told “from the viewpoint of underrepresented communities.” The editor for the series promises, “each title will both fundamentally challenge but also change […]

David Etheridge is a member of Friends Meeting of Washington (D.C.) and clerk of the Baltimore Yearly Meeting Working Group on Racism. He previously worked for over 20 years as an attorney in the Indian Affairs Division of the Solicitor’s Office of the U.S. Department of the Interior.

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Not from Here: A Memoir

By Allan G. Johnson. Temple University Press, 2015. 171 pages. $24.50/hardcover or eBook. When Allan Johnson asked his dying father where he wanted his ashes buried, his father replied that it made no difference to him. This interchange began an unexpected journey for Johnson into discovering a sense of place on our little planet. His […]

Ruah Swennerfelt is a member of Burlington (Vt.) Meeting. She currently serves as clerk of New England Yearly Meeting’s Earthcare Ministry Committee and is the author of Rising to the Challenge: The Transition Movement and People of Faith.

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With a Tender Hand: A Resource Book for Eldership and Oversight

By Zélie Gross. Quaker Books, 2015. 432 pages. $20/paperback. This is a thorough and useful resource book for Friends in Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM). With a little translating, it can also be a helpful resource book for Friends in North America. It is practical and addresses the current condition of most of our unprogrammed meetings. […]

Marty Grundy has served on ministry and oversight committees (by a variety of names) for many years. She recently transferred to Wellesley (Mass.) Meeting in New England Yearly Meeting.

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Voices from a Trunk: The Lost Lives of the Quaker Eddisons, 1805–1867

By Sara Woodall. Blackthorn Press, 2014. 260 pages. $9.99/eBook. UPDATE, August 2016: Voices from a Trunk is now available in paperback from American History Press. This book exists in hardcopy, though it will be hard to find in other than eBook format in North America. The English family of Quaker Eddisons is Sara Woodall’s own […]

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The Red Bicycle: The Extraordinary Story of One Ordinary Bicycle

By Jude Isabella, illustrated by Simone Shin. Kids Can Press, 2015. 32 pages. $18.95/hardcover. Recommended for ages 8–12. This large picture book is intended to be a fuse that ignites a whole array of bicycle-based activities. Telling the story of a boy who has to give up his beloved bicycle because it has become too […]

Alison James is a member of South Starksboro (Vt.) Meeting.

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Chasing Cheetahs: The Race to Save Africa’s Fastest Cats

By Sy Montgomery, photographs by Nic Bishop. HMH Books for Young Readers, 2014. 80 pages. $18.99/hardcover. Recommended for ages 10–14. Chasing Cheetahs provides an interesting perspective of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) whose goal is to protect the lives of endangered cheetahs in Africa. Cheetahs are the fastest land animal on earth, reaching speeds of 70 miles […]

Vickie LeCroy is a member of Cincinnati (Ohio) Meeting.

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