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Ramallah Friends School

Realizing Wholeness: Reflections from a Gay Palestinian Quaker

Our souls are able to hold all the various parts of who we are.

Sa鈥檈d Atshan is a visiting assistant professor of peace and conflict studies at Swarthmore College. He is a member of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting.

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Forum September 2015

Letters from our readers

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The author at her home in North Carolina.

Bonds of Affection

Learning to love others as God loves us all.

Rhonda Mawhood Lee is an Episcopal priest in North Carolina. She is a frequent reader of Friends Journal and has worked with a Friend as her spiritual nurturer for almost a decade. Her most recent book is Love and Happiness: Eros According to Dante, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and the Rev. Al Green, with coauthor Craig Werner.

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Interview with Lynn and Steve Newsom of Quaker House

A Friends Journal interview with the directors of Fayetteville, N.C.鈥榮 Quaker House. You can also watch the video of this interview. [鈥

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Interview with Lynn and Steve Newsom

Watch our bonus interview with the directors of Quaker House (transcript available below). Links and resources: Quaker House website My Path [鈥

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What Is Moral Injury and Why Should Friends Care?

Creating safe spaces for veterans to confront the effects of moral injury.

Kristen Richardson is a member of Chatham-Summit Meeting in New York and Friends General Conference鈥檚 Quaker Quest travel team. A former international aid worker, she continues to seek opportunities to put her program, strategic, and spiritual skills into the service of those who need them most through a ministry of management.

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Milestones June/July 2015

Births, deaths, and marriages among Friends.

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Milestones February 2015

Births, deaths, and marriages among Friends.

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1967 Friends World Conference: A Youthful Recollection

My sister Jane and I bumped our suitcases down the stairs from our bedrooms on the second floor and headed [鈥

M'Annette Ruddell is associate director for donor communications at American Friends Service Committee, and 2007 marks her 36th year with the organization. She now attends First United Methodist Church in Germantown, in Philadelphia, Pa., where she sings in the choir.

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The Fruit of Her Hands

My mother had intended to get rid of the old pillows. Taking them out her back door one summer day, [鈥

Rebecca A. Payne is a member of Red Cedar Meeting in Lansing, Michigan. She is a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service.

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