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News April 2018

News of Friends: New website features WWI conscientious objectors; Evangelical Friends Church cuts funding for Barclay Press; Farm conference held [ā€¦]

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A Leisurely Introduction to How a Bibleā€believing Christian Can Accept Gay Marriage in the Church

By Becky Ankeny. Meetinghouse, 2017. 42 pages. $3/pamphlet; free eBook. Evangelical Friends in Northwest Yearly Meeting have for some time [ā€¦]

Mitchell Santine Gould is the leading authority on Walt Whitmanā€™s Quakerism, and runs the website leavesofgrass.org. His analysis of transcendentalism as the secularization of Quakerism has appeared in Quaker History and in Quaker Theology. He is an attender at Multnomah Meeting in Portland, Ore.

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Sa'ed Atshan. Photo from Facebook.

News April 2017

News of Friends. Controversy over Palestinian speaker at Friendsā€™ Central School; AFSC appoints new general secretary; Northwest Yearly Meeting splits; [ā€¦]

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News November 2015

News of Friends

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News for September 2015

Northwest Yearly Meeting dismissal, North Carolina interfaith festival, conscientious objection anniversary, and an update on the Golden Rule restoration.

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Meeting at the Center

We are all part of the same Quaker family. We are called to love one another, and to be reconciled [ā€¦]

Bruce Birchard is a member of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting. He recently retired after 19 years of service as General Secretary of Friends General Conference. He has been encouraged to develop the entirety of "Meeting at the Center" into a Pendle Hill pamphlet.Ā This is an excerpt from "Meeting at the Center: Living Love and Reconciling One to Another," Bruce Birchard's plenary address at the 2011 Friends General Conference Gathering of Friends held in Iowa.

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