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Money as a Mutual Blessing

Moving from anxiety and greed to milk and honey.

Lola Georg attends Green Street Meeting in Philadelphia, Pa. She is a licensed professional counselor in private practice. Previously, she had an extensive career in financial management for nonprofits, including Quaker organizations. She conducts workshops about the spirituality of money (spiritualityofmoney.com). She loves Viv Hawkins, and they live in Philadelphia.

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By Saeidpourbabak <a href="https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=50351147">via Wikimedia</a>.

Are Meeting Libraries Encumbrances?

Information is coming to us in different ways than it did in the first 350 years of Quaker history.

Carol Kitchen is retired from a career in social work in varied settings. She has professional degrees in library science and social work and a doctorate in religion and society.

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Charles S. Thompson

Thompson—Charles S. Thompson, 89, on April 16, 2017, at home in Queens, N.Y. Charles was born on July 13, 1927, […]

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Author Stan Becker reads “One Friend’s Experience of Clearness Regarding Childbearing”

Excerpt from One Friend’s Experience of Clearness Regarding Childbearing: Contemplating words to share about a decision not to have biological children […]

Stan Becker is a member of Homewood Meeting in Baltimore, Md. He has worked as a demographer for 40 years and has traveled among Friends in Baltimore Yearly Meeting and beyond under the concern about rapid population growth.  He has served on the board of the American Friends Service Committee, the steering committee of Friends Committee on Unity with Nature (now Quaker Earthcare Witness), and the general committee of FCNL. He lives with his wife, Fannie, in Baltimore.

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Author chat with Stan Becker on clearness on children

From the article: Friends are very active in environmental concerns now. But it is probably true that for most American […]

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