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Evicted AND Dream Hoarders

Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City. By Matthew Desmond. Crown Publishing Group, 2016. 422 pages. $28/hardcover; $17/paperback; $12.99/eBook. […]

J. E. McNeil, an attorney in Washington, D.C., and a member of Friends Meeting of Washington (FMW), grew up in a working class neighborhood in the Jim Crow South. She worked her way through college and later law school when that was still a possibility. Now culturally if not financially part of the upper middle class with three degrees, she supports the Mary Jane Simpson Scholarship Fund at FMW and the Bell Multicultural High School in Columbia Heights, D.C.

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Educating for Insurgency: The Roles of Young People in Schools of Poverty

By Jay Gillen. AK Press, 2014. 178 pages. $15.95/paperback; $10.99/eBook. A forward by civil rights leader Bob Moses gives Educating […]

Rosalie Dance is a member of Adelphi (Md.) Meeting, sojourner at Stony Run Meeting in Baltimore, Md. Rosalie has taught mathematics in secondary schools and universities for many years.

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Anne Parrish: Unsung Friend

The ministries of Quaker women who notably served the Religious Society of Friends have received well‐deserved attention. In most cases, […]

Greg Barnes is a member of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting. This article is adapted from text in his forthcoming book on Arch Street Meeting House. His last book was A Biography of Lillian and George Willoughby, 20th-Century Peace Activists.

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Teaching in a Culture of Poverty and Violence

I am committed to addressing the issues of hatred and violence in the world. I have often wondered how the […]

Stephanie Wilder, a member of Swannanoa Valley Meeting in Black Mountain, N.C., teaches at Swannanoa Valley Youth Development Center, a school for adjudicated youth in North Carolina, where she began working in 2001. Her previous positions have been with independent schools, including 20 years at Charlotte Country Day School.

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What am I Doing Here?: Partnering with a Himalayan Village

I first went to the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal as an adventurer and mountain climber in 1995. After four Himalayan […]

Jeff Rasley attends Indianapolis (Ind.) First Friends Meeting. His book, Bringing Progress to Paradise: What I Got From Giving to a Mountain Village in Nepal, is now available.

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A La Chureca Christmas

My friend Michael popped into my office. When he told me he couldn’t make it to Nicaragua this year for […]

Herb Haigh, a member of St. Petersburg (Fla.) Meeting, is president of Ameri-Plus Select Services, a Medicare Select hospital network. He and his wife, Pam, are available to talk about the work of ProNica to monthly meetings and other interested groups; contact through http://www.pronica.org.

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The Intersection of Faith and Practice

In prayer and silence, this small Scripture was impressed on my heart: “Whosoever holds on to their life will lose […]

Alexie Torres-Fleming is the director of Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice, based in the South Bronx. This article is based on her presentation to the Peace Gathering on January 14.

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FWCC and Affluent and Impoverished Friends

The October issue on the 70th anniversary of Friends World Committee for Consultation was a wonderful celebration of how Friends […]

Newton Garver is a member of Buffalo (N.Y.) Meeting.

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Juarez Reflections

The three empty bird cages are stacked forlornly against the wall of the house on the small concrete paved patio, […]

Mary Ray Cate is a member of Santa Fe (N.Mex.) Meeting and an artist who sells her work to benefit AFSC, Centro Santa Catalina, and other nonprofit organizations.

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”Walking the Walk: Greg Woods

In December 1999, 14‐year‐old Greg Woods attended the “High School Quake,” a gathering of Illinois Yearly Meeting youth. Along with […]

Breeze Richardson, a young adult Friend, is a member and currently clerk of 57th Street Meeting in Chicago, Ill. She is a public radio producer. Project Lakota is under the care of St. Louis (Mo.) Meeting; for more information, go online to http://iym.quaker.org/projectlakota/index.html. Greg Woods participated in The Quake that Rocked the Midwest, a multimedia presentation that appears on the Friends Journal website at https://www.friendsjournal.org/quake/index.html.

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