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Interview with Lisa Graustein, author of “Gender, Sexuality, and Our Bodies”

FJ Podcast: The language we use to talk about our gender, sexuality, and bodies is useful when it can clarify, […]

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Gender, Sexuality, and Our Bodies

Exploring the language we use to clarify, claim, and understand identity.

Lisa Graustein is a member of Beacon Hill Meeting in Boston, Mass. She is a mother, high school teacher, diversity trainer, and a former young friends coordinator for New England Yearly Meeting. She is active in working for greater equity in schools and the Religious Society of Friends.

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FJ Interview with Al Vernacchio

FJ Interview with Al Vernacchio

Al Vernacchio’s article, “Friends Schools and Healthy Sexuality” appears in the March 2013 issue of Friends Journal. Al teaches sexuality […]

Al Vernacchio teaches and organizes sexually-themed programs and assemblies, provides parent education on human sexuality topics, and is one of the faculty advisors for the Gay-Straight Alliance at Friends' Central School in Wynnewood, Pa. His work has been featured as a cover story in the New York Times Magazine.

This interview was conducted by Friends Journal Editor Martin Kelley.

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Drawing by Alla Podolsky

Transforming Prejudice into Love

A misunderstanding opens the way to transgender acceptance.

Aran Reinhart is a member of Broadmead Meeting in northwestern Ohio. After meeting amazing people in both the Quaker and LGBT communities, he found his true self four years ago and became a Quaker. Though he works in a woodmill, he is a poet and activist at heart. He named himself after his favorite form of knitting and gets interesting looks when he knits in public.

R. Scot Miller is a member of Grand Rapids (Mich.) Meeting. In addition to family farming, he serves a United Methodist Congregation as Adult Ministries Director. He teaches social work at a Christian college.

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Friends, Homosexuality and the Bible: An Interview with Doug Bennett

Douglas C. Bennett is President Emeritus of Earlham College and a member of First Friends in Richmond, Indiana.

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Opened magic book

Homosexuality: A Plea to Read the Bible Together

Homosexuality is the issue that most threatens to create new schisms in the world of Quakers. Yet it could be […]

Douglas C. Bennett is President Emeritus of Earlham College and a member of First Friends in Richmond, Indiana.

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What Underlies the Debate about Abortion?

I was deeply disturbed by last year’s revealing back and forth between the ads from Friends Witness for a Pro‐Life […]

Guli Fager is a member of Austin (Tex.) Meeting. She works as the Healthy Sexuality Education Coordinator at University of Texas at Austin and developed the FGC workshop "Healthy Sexuality as Quaker Testimony." She blogs about sex and sexual health under the name Julie Sunday at http://thisisgotogirl.com.

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Clashing with the ‘B’ Word: Homophobia in Liberal Quakerism

Now that we are addressing the issue of same‐gender marriages in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, I think it is pertinent to […]

Alvin J. Figueroa, a member of Westfield (N.J.) Meeting. is associate professor of Modern Languages, Gender Studies, and Religious Studies at the College of New Jersey. He is also a candidate for a master of arts in Quaker Studies at Earlham School of Religion. He lives with his spouse, Gary, a Buddhist, in Rancocas Historic Village.

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Sexual Ethics: What Is Our Goal?

As I understand it, the central Quaker commitment is to listen to the Spirit’s promptings and act faithfully in accordance […]

Joanna Hoyt, a member of Portland (Maine) Meeting, has worked and worshiped for the last eight years at St. Francis Farm, a community in upstate New York that practices an alternative to the consumer culture through prayer, sustainable agriculture/forestry, and presence and assistance to neighbors.

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Homosexuality and the Bible: One Quaker’s Response to the Pope

“Speaking on Monday, Pope Benedict said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behavior was as important as protecting the […]

Steve Chase, a member of Putney (Vt.) Meeting, is the founding director of Antioch University New England's graduate program in Environmental Advocacy and Organizing. He is also the editor of "The Well-Trained Activist" blog at http://eaop-blog.blogspot.com.

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