Friends, Homosexuality and the Bible: An Interview with Doug Bennett

A video interview with Friends Journal author Doug Bennett. Bennett is President Emeritus of Earlham College and a member of First Friends in Richmond, Ind. In this interview we talk about the polarization of attitudes around the Bible and LGBTQ inclusivity, the so-called “clobber passages,” and why liberal Friends should care about the new wave of controversies among Friends in Indiana and elsewhere.

Read Bennett’s article: “Homosexuality: A Plea to Read the Bible Together” in the online edition of Friends Journal. Check out more interviews on the FJ Youtube Channel:

2 thoughts on “Friends, Homosexuality and the Bible: An Interview with Doug Bennett

  1. Doug,

    I would like to explore the possibility of you speaking at the Wilmington Friends Meeting in Wilmington, Ohio. This is not an invitation, it is simply an inquiry as to this possibility. If we would proceed with this it would probably be in the late afternoon on a Sunday and we would hope that we could have other churches co-sponsor this with us. Right now I would like to know if this is possible and if you have openings for this fall or winter and if there is a charge. Again, I do not have the authority to plan this, but simply to determine its possibility.

    Many thanks for considering this.

    Neil Snarr

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