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Genesis: Outer Space and Inner Light

Outer space and Inner Light

John A. Minahan is head of the English department at Lincoln School in Providence, R.I., where he also teaches courses in psychology and in world religions. John is the author of three books and has a doctorate in literature from Brown University. He has been a college professor, professional musician, and stay-at-home father.

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Handling Change and Creating Communities

Focused relationships in social media

Steven Whinfield’s background is in communication and advertising. He has been a part of building brands for many clients and is today an account representative for a large kidney dialysis corporation.

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Friends Bearing Food

Poetry: “Word goes out, and they start to come”

David Black lives in Louisa, Va.

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I feel that nationalism can help America

Student Voices: “However, for someone who promises that “America now will be heard,” perhaps it’s time to listen to everyone, […]

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A Quaker on a Commune

A Friend finds inspiration while visiting a long‐standing intentional community.

Hayley Hathaway is a Friend searching for a new home and exploring her interests in faith, economy, ecology, and radical hospitality along the way. She works for Friends Peace Teams and Quaker Earthcare Witness, and is the former director of Casa de los Amigos in Mexico City, Mexico.

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Silence in the Noise

The world is so noisy, especially now. We are surrounded by so much racket that it’s hard to discern how […]

Mary Braden lives in Baltimore, Md.

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Tiger Heron

By Robin Becker. University of Pittsburgh Press, 2014. 65 pages. $15.95/paperback; $10.99/eBook. Like the elegant Costa Rican wading bird of […]

Catherine Wald attends Friends meetings in Westchester County, N.Y. A chapbook of her poetry, Distant, Burned-out Stars, was published in 2011 by Finishing Line Press. Her poems have also been published in numerous journals.

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Mickey Edgerton

Muriel (Mickey) Wesner Edgerton is openly self‐effacing. Punctuated by her distinctive giggle, she characterizes herself as a “blabbermouth,” an “extrovert,” […]

Kara Newell, a member of Reedwood Friends Church in Portland, Oregon, lives in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania. ©2002 Kara Newell

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