I feel that nationalism can help America

Dear Mr. President,

As you have taken office, you have disrupted many societies throughout the world. You promise to increase our nation’s borders, to accurately vet immigrants, and to make America great again, all from what people say is your hubris and excessive nationalism. Having pride in your country never is unethical, but when it becomes jingoism it affects the communities around us. When Napoleon ruled over France, he instituted a form of patriotism throughout the country. Although this gave citizens an identity and something to live for, it developed into expansionist nationalism, filling the French civilians with hubris and ultimately retracting France’s reign. We are currently headed down this path. Your speeches express a great deal of patriotism, however when you speak, many people ask if history may repeat itself.

Another aspect people fear is your temperament and how effortless it is to spark an altercation with you. You denounce people on TV, and hardly listen to anyone. People think that your attitude is paltry, but I find it hypocritical. In the past century, our country had an amazing time period. We expanded votes to minorities, overcame three considerable wars, and flew to the moon. People were able to agree on basic political views and accomplish deeds that make America what it is today. However, since we conceived the idea of “liberal” and “conservative,” it gave some permission to dehumanize each other. You may not like someone for their opinions; however, when we call each other “bleeding-heart liberals” or “greed-fueled conservatives,” it’s no better than barbarizing an ethnicity. As a result, we can barely focus on what we need to do to save our country. People are so intent on disagreeing with each other over social media like Facebook and Twitter that we are not attempting to find something Americans can agree on. During the French Revolution, France itself was going through an identity crisis. People were so busy opposing factions and killing each other that no one focused on how to secure France’s government. This is repeating today. People who claim that you’re a loudmouthed brute are too egotistical to consider your message because you’re a “conservative fool.”

I don’t feel that you deserve the objections you receive. I feel that nationalism can help America. However, for someone who promises that “America now will be heard,” perhaps it’s time to listen to everyone, not just your supporters. There was a time where there were such things as liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats, and people managed to cooperate to move the country forward. This message is for you and for everyone. America will never progress if we continue counterproductive bickering. You are the president of America, and you won fairly. Instead of squabbling with people on Facebook who may not necessarily agree with you, it might be time to acknowledge and work with your fellow Americans; that is what brought us the amazing success we have seen in the twentieth century.


Jacob Orloff, Grade 10, Sandy Spring Friends School

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