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News August 2015

News of Friends

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His Last Years

Friends Journal poetry: He bought a / Cadillac, an RV, / shiny brass figurines with / granddad’s estate…

Danny P. Barbare lives in Greenville, S.C.

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What We Stand On and The Door In

What We Stand On By Paul Christiansen. Pendle Hill Pamphlets (Number 429), 2014. 29 pages. $7/pamphlet. The Door In By […]

William Shetter is a member of Bloomington (Ind,) Meeting. He is an avid follower of others’ personal journeys, and in a recent Pendle Hill pamphlet reflected on his own.

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Forum, June/July 2015

Letters from our readers.

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Antiwar Dissent and Peace Activism in World War I America: A Documentary Reader

Edited by Scott H. Bennett and Charles F. Howlett. University of Nebraska Press, 2014. 400 pages. $30/paperback. I have of […]

J. E. McNeil is executive director of On the Level, a nonpartisan advocacy organization, and a member of Friends Meeting of Washington, D.C. She has spent most of her adult life working for peace as an attorney, a lobbyist, and the executive director of the Center on Conscience & War from 1999 to 2010.

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Christ Actually: The Son of God for the Secular Age

By James Carroll. Viking, 2014. 352 pages. $30/hardcover; $14.99/eBook. In every age, Christ has presented a challenge: to interpret, to […]

Brian Drayton is a member of Weare (N.H.) meeting.

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What Quakers and Catholics Might Learn from One Another

Balancing head and heart in two spiritual homes.

John Pitts Corry is a long time member of Middletown Meeting in Lima, Pa., and feels like a member of Albuquerque (N.M.) Meeting during the nine months of each year when he and his wife, Betty, live in Albuquerque. He is also a member of John XXIII Catholic Community in Albuquerque and has a long association with the Norbertines in Paoli, Pa., and Albuquerque.

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Student Voices: Visual Arts

Draw or create a visual piece in response to peace, conflict, justice, or all three.

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A Powerful Hope

Reflections on the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Rome.

Phil Lord is clerk of the board of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and an attorney who began his career by organizing low-income tenants. A longtime Quaker, he is a founding member of the Fellowship of Friends of African Descent. He currently serves as the executive director of TURN, a non-governmental service and advocacy organization in Philadelphia, Pa.

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Online Forum: Pacifism and Peace

One of the most important testimonies of the Quaker faith is peace. In times of war, Quakers have a long […]

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