Things to Do While Waiting

© Julian Mora/Unsplash

Interview your walls, doors, circulation, and power source
Plane down resentments
Drain sorrows
Sweep out excuses
Hang injuries on the line to blow away
Restructure internal combustion

While waiting, there are things to do

Arrange for pick-up of unfinished business dating back from 1 to 100 years
Discontinue delivery of negativity
Review user agreements and delete outdated engagements
Weed out clumps of resistance to life as movement
Release fermented ruminations
Forgive blocked paths and start new ones
Adopt several life tonics
Switch out inner tension belts for softer flexible bio bands

If you’re still waiting for
A season
Someone else to do something
All to be revealed A feeling
A sign
The weather
Stars to align
Validation, recognition, evolution,

Stop waiting.

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