Thinking about Concepts of God


A trickle of water swirls gracefully along the roadside,
moving in response to the geography of the moment.

Standing there, looking down,
I sense similar movement in my vessels and cells.

I feel kin to all,
a swirl in the stream of life.

This is my starting point, and my ending point:
swirling is marvelous for me, and I need nothing more.

Perhaps you raise your eyes to the sky and beyond,
seeking there what I seek here.

If so, our notions differ but this need not separate us:
my swirling water flows into your ocean of light and love.

We unite in worshiping and witnessing, and …
Oh joy! … a Quaker way opens for all.

Os Cresson, Iowa City, Iowa

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One thought on “Thinking about Concepts of God

  1. Jeanne says:

    City & State
    Poolesville, MD
    Beautiful, Os. Thanks so much for sharing!

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