Way Will Open

Photo by Filip Kominik on Unsplash

Way will open.
As we learn to live with this pandemic.
Our hearts broken.
Our vulnerability exposed.

Me, myself and I
Who am I?
Within the context of the now.
And in this unsettled world.

Pieces of us,
Scattered like a jigsaw,
For us to study, observe.

And so the healing begins.

We pick up the pieces,
One by one,
Turn them over and examine them.

And find they fit together in new ways,
A jigsaw morphing,

Unavailable and
Unknown to us before.

We long for before.
But this is now.

We find in us an inner strength.
Courage and resilience.
We could not have seen without vulnerability.

Yes, way will open
If we are open to ways of being that are unfamiliar and new.

Let the healing begin.
Look in the mirror and witness a new jigsaw of life.

Rich, textured, inner wounds visible.
Beautiful and real.

Way will open.

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